09 Mar Sunday

Sunday, September 9


9:00 am – 9:30 am

Coffee (Le Grand Salon)


9:30 am – 11:00 am

Session 9

Panel 9a: Art and Politics (3-04):

Chair: Nduka Otiono

• Amanda Boetzkes (Ohio State U), “Sights of Petroculture”

• Casey Irvin (Ryerson/York U), “Oil and the Sublime”

• Nduka Otiono (Carleton U), “Saro-Wiwa’s Ghost: The Niger Delta Struggle and Nollywood Filmic Representations”


Panel 9b: Climate for Democracy? Citizenship, Literacy & Public Engagement in a Petro-Culture  (La Salle Historique):

Chair: Heather Graves

• Laurie Adkin (U of Alberta), “Citizenship in the Albertan Petro-State”

• Conny Davidsen (U of Calgary), “Petro-Cultures, Information Complexities and Albertan Realities”

• Gwendolyn Blue (U of Calgary), “Hosting a Citizen Deliberation on Climate Change in Calgary: Political Context,  Democracy Experiments”


Panel 9c: Oil, Psycho-Geography, Trauma (Auditorium, 1-08 Pavillon McMahon):                      

Chair: Cecily Devereux

• Pia Maria Ahlbäck (Ǻbo Akademi U), “The ‘Ghost’ at Sköldvik: Notes on a Petrified Place”

• Karen Harper (Pacifica Grad. Inst.), “Below the Surface: A Depth Psychology Perspective on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster”


Panel 9d: Popular Culture (Le Grand Salon):

Chair: Janice Williamson

• Michael Malouf (George Mason U), “Behind the Closet Door: Petroculture and Pixar”

• Bart H. Welling (U of North Florida), “Oil Narratives, Oil as Narrative”

11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Session 10

Panel 10a: Rhetoric, Meaning, Governance 2 (La Salle Historique):

Chair: Lianne Lefsrud

• Anita Girvan (U of Victoria), “Tarring Over Carbon Footprints? The Biopolitics of Carbon Metaphor”

• Rüdiger Graf (Ruhr-University), “Promiscuous Metonymies: ‘Energy Societies’ in the Twentieth Century”


Panel 10b: Temporalities of Oil (Le Grand Salon):

Chair: Onwumah Jude

• Brenda Longfellow (York U), “The Pornography of Oil and the Politics of Representation”

• Ila Tyagi  (Columbia U), “Blood for Oil: Petroleum’s Troubled Representation in American Cinema”


12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

Group Wrap-Up Session (Le Grand Salon)