Petrocultures 2024: Los Angeles/Perth

The 6th biennial Petrocultures Conference will take place in two locations: Los Angeles (USA) and Perth (Australia)!

  • Los Angeles: May 15-18, 2024 @ University of Southern California
    • Theme: “Oil Cities and Post-Oil Cities”
  • Perth: November 2024, Dates TBA @ Curtin University
    • Theme: “Contested Energy Futures”

The central theme for Petrocultures 2024 LA will be “Oil Cities and Post-Oil Cities.”

We especially invite paper and panel proposals related to the intersection of energy, infrastructure, and urban life, particularly those that seek to draw connections between Global North and South. But as in Petrocultures events past, we also welcome paper and panel proposals on any topic of current interest in energy and environmental humanities. This is your forum: Tell us where you think energy humanities is going from here. Abstracts are due by September 15.

The central theme for Petrocultures 2024 Perth will be: “Contested Energy Futures.”

This conference explores distances, struggles, visions, dynamics, flows, regulations, and resistances in the reproduction of petrocultures. The conference provides a platform for voices of the South—from Western Australia, the country’s eastern States, the Indian Ocean Rim Region and beyond—to discuss energy futures, their problematic pasts, and what inclusive and just trajectories toward transitions to renewables may look like. This platform will allow us to merge scholarly contestations of possible and desirable energy futures with imaginative interventions from the creative arts, community activists, and First Nations’ yarns to prefigure more equitable and liveable energy outlooks. Abstracts are due by December 25.

For more information, contact info, and the Calls for Abstracts for both events, check out: