Energy In/Out of Place

Energy In/Out of Place was a virtual research-creation workshop organized by Anne Pasek, Emily Roehl, and Caleb Wellum in 2020. It’s goal was to explore the ways in which energy shapes and mediates a diverse array of places around the world. The workshop included keynote addresses by Kirby Calvert and Sheena Wilson and Natalie Loveless, as well as the online presentation and discussion of projects-in-progress by research teams from the United States, India, and Canada. Through these projects and discussions we reflected together on sites in and around where we live and work that carry potential for deep changes in the energy regimes that dominate everyday life. We also experimented with virtual research collaboration and feedback in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The workshop organizers published a white paper on virtual research collaboration and an article on e-conferencing for The Conversation. The workshop projects have also been edited into an artist publication that is available on Humanities Commons and will soon be published by Mystery Spot Books.