20 Apr What’s Fuelling Our Future

Mindshare: what's fuelling our future? Speakers from across the globe share their perspectives on the future of energy systems. At the University of Alberta

Posted by Universities Canada on Monday, 18 April 2016

“As the world tries to move away from fossil fuels to cleaner, more renewable forms of energy, the quest comes with difficult questions about what the future holds.

What energy will look like and how society gets there were the subjects of What’s Fuelling Our Future?, a panel discussion co-hosted April 18 by Universities Canada and the University of Alberta that presented perspectives from Canada, the United States, Europe and China about the challenges and opportunities of energy systems.

The first in a nationwide lecture series sponsored by Universities Canada called Mindshare, the panel event at the U of A  focused on energy, one of several issues critical to the planet that will be featured in other Mindshare events in partnership with universities across Canada.”

Read more about the event here.