09 Mar Friday

Friday, September 7


8:45 am – 9:15 am

Breakfast (Le Grand Salon)


9:15 am – 11:00 am

Keynote #2 (Le Grand Salon):  Allan Stoekl, French and Comparative Literature, Pennsylvania State University, “Unconventional Oil and the Gift of the Undulating Peak”

Introduction by Donald Ipperciel, Co-Dean , Campus Saint-Jean


11:00 am – 11:15 am

Coffee Break (Le Grand Salon)


11:15 am – 1:00 pm

Session 4

 Panel 4a: Oil Ontologies (La Salle Historique):

Chair: Andriko Lozowy

• Janine MacLeod (York U), “Immortal Hydrophobes: Water, Oil, and ‘Radical Fear’”

• Kirsty Robertson (U of Western Ontario), “Petro Fabrics”

• Mark Simpson (U of Alberta), “Lubricity”


Panel 4b: Petrofictions 2 (3-04):

Chair: Dan Harvey

• Joshua Schuster (U of Western Ontario), “Where is the Oil in Modernism?”

• Glenn Willmott (Queen’s U), “Fuelling Disenchantment”

• Michael Sloane (U of Western Ontario), “Parting Ways with Oil Ontology: A New Oil Outlook in Gertrude Stein’s Rearview Mirror”


Panel 4c: Politico-Institutional Histories of Oil (Le Grand Salon):

Chair: Paul Smith

• Megan Black (George Washington U), “The Interior Department’s Exterior: Promoting U.S Stewardship of Energy Resources Abroad through Science and Film”

• Gökçe Günel (Cornell U),“The Foundation of Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Institute”

• Paul Smith (George Mason U), “OPEC 1960: A Postcolonial Problem”


1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Lunch (Le Grand Salon)


2:00 pm – 3:45 pm

Session 5

Panel 5a: The Politics of Pipelines (La Salle Historique):

Chair: Paul Joosse

• Darin Barney (McGill U), “The Politics of Pipelines”

• Patricia Yaeger (U of Michigan), “The Pipeline as Political Narrative”

• Georgiana Banita (U of Bamberg), “Edmonton, Texas: On the Skeptical Globalism of Canadian Oil Culture”

• Carola Hein (Bryn Mawr College), “Global Landscapes of Oil”


Panel 5b: Petrofictions 3  (Le Grand Salon):

Chair: Daniel Laforest

• Tracy Lassiter (U of Pennsylvania), “ ‘Petrofiction’ as a 21st Century Literary Lens”

• Graeme Macdonald (U of Warwick),“The Energy of World Literature”

• Karen Pinkus (Cornell U), “Petro(al)chemistry: Transmutation and Life in Pasolini’s Petrolio”

• Justin Neuman (Yale U), “Petromodernism”


3:45 pm – 4:15 pm

Coffee Break (Le Grand Salon)


4:15 pm – 6:00 pm

Session 6

 Panel 6a: Discipline and Oil (Auditorium):

Chair: Mark Simpson

• Michael O’Driscoll (U of Alberta), “The Petrodynamics of the Subject”

• Janet Stewart, Language and Literature (U of Aberdeen), “‘The Energetic Imperative’: Wilhelm Ostwald’s Contribution to the Cultural Sociology of Energy”

• Jonathan Sterne (McGill U), “Petromedia: Alternative Paths Through Media History”


Panel 6b: Oil Sites 1: Alberta (La Salle Historique):

Chair: Carrie Smith-Prei

• Devin Ayotte (Mount Royal U), “From the Depths: Social Commentary and the Emerging ‘Rig Pig’ Aesthetic.”

• Laurie Adkin (U of Alberta), “Oiling Research in Alberta”

• Jennifer Mills (York U) “Aboriginal communities struggling in the sands: How the ideology of shareholder value constrains effective consultation”

• Caura L. Wood (York U), “Urgent Matter:  The Time Value of Money and the Biopolitics of Petroleum Discovery in Alberta’s Western Canadian Sedimenary Basin”


Panel 6c: Temporalities of Oil (3-04):

Chair: Tim Kaposy

• Andrew Pendakis (U of Alberta), “Heidegger, Modernity and the Problem of Oil”

• Timothy Kaposy (Niagara College), “Braudel and Oil: On the Uses and Abuses of the Petrochemical Past”

• Toban Black (U of Western Ontario), “Anti-Sustainable Discourse and Hyper-Modern Speed”


Panel 6d: The View from Bataille’s Peak (Le Grand Salon):

Chair: Michael Truscello

• Ivan Grabovac (Mount Royal U), “Oil, Race Formation, and Environmental Risk in Three U.S Petro-Narratives”

• Kit Dobson (Mount Royal U), “Celebrating the False Front of Oil: Calgary’s Cross Iron Mills”

• Randy Schroeder (Mount Royal U), “Inventing Disaster: Stoekl, Bataille, Virillio”

• Michael Truscello (Mount Royal U)“Chokepoints, Transits, and    Gatherings”


6:00 pm

Dinner for Presenters at Narayanni’s Restaurant: Gourmet South African Indian Cuisine

*For presenters and by special invitation only. Tickets required.



10131 81 Avenue

Phone 780-756-7712


The restaurant is located approximately 12 blocks from Campus Saint-Jean, half way between the conference location and the suggested accommodation venues on Whyte Avenue.  Participants are responsible for their own transportation.  It is within walking distance of CSJ (2 kms) and a shared cab is another option (see Taxi numbers listed above for event at Gallery @ 501).