19 Jun Fort McMurray Trip (post-conference)

Fort McMurray Trip

After the formal close of the Petrocultures 2012 conference, a small delegation of conference attendees visited Fort McMurray, in Northern Alberta.  This follow-up trip took place on September 10th & 11th, and included a stay in Fort McMurray, a tour of an oil sands plant, as well as events hosted by the Fort McKay Métis and First Nations communities impacted by development in the region.

The itinerary for the two-day stay in Fort McMurray included a trip to the Fort McKay Métis and First Nations communities on Monday afternoon. There, we spoke with elders and community leaders and shared a meal together. On Tuesday, we participated in an industry-sponsored and organized tour of one of the oil sands company plants (either Suncor, Syncrude or Shell). After that, there was a sponsored buffet lunch at the Sawridge Hotel, followed by round table discussions with Fort McMurray community leaders.