11 Sep Conference 2012

Conference:Petrocultures: Oil, Energy, Culture

September 6-9, 2012 / Campus Saint-Jean, University of Alberta


Petrocultures brings together scholars,writers, filmmakers and artists from around the world who are engaged in an exploration of the social and cultural dimensions and impacts of oil and energy.

In September 2012, Petrocultures Research Cluster hosted a conference that examined and (re)assessed how energy has been and remains an intrinsic part of socio-political life and cultural productivity. There were more than 100 participants who visited Edmonton from more than 12 countries.

The conference was held at Campus Saint-Jean, the University of Alberta’s French-language campus located along the Mill Creek Ravine a few minutes east of the University’s main campus. In addition, the conference began with a evening of lecture and art show at Gallery 501 in Sherwood Park, Alberta, on Thursday, September 6th.

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