01 Feb After Paris: Video

The 2015 UN Climate Convention in Paris (COP21) was an unprecedented gathering of global political leaders, and it will determine the future of climate change politics for decades to come. For many, COP21 was considered to be the last opportunity for national governments to offer a meaningful and timely course of action in response to the urgent challenges of climate change. This conference at the University of Alberta will provide a forum where scholars, politicians, and activists can come together and begin to take account of the outcomes – the successes as well as the failures – of this historic event in the history of climate and environmental politics.


  • Lynn Badia, Banting Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Alberta


  • Gwendoyn Blue, Professor of Geography
  • John Parkins, Professor of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology
  • Makere Stewart-Harawira, Professor of Educational Policy Studies
  • Imre Szeman, Canada Research Chair in Cultural Studies and Professor of English and Film Studies