Petrocultures Podcasting

Looking for a new podcast while you wait for spring? Check out these recent podcast appearences by Petrocultures members!

Mark Simpson appeared with Heather Davis on the Pretty Heady Stuff podcast to talk about to the challenging ubiquity of plastics. You can listen to their interview on Apple Podcasts or YouTube.

Imre Szeman joined Mad Kate and Adrienne Teicher on the SWEAT podcast to explore the relationship between art, artists, and extractivism. Their conversation is available via Apple Podcasts or Soundcloud.

Caleb Wellum was featured, with Natalie Koch, on The Conversation Weekly podcast to discuss the political challenges of transitioning to a world after oil.

Also, if you haven’t yet listened to the Volatile Trajectories podcast from After Oil 3 or the Just Powers podcast hosted by Sheena Wilson, check them out!

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