New After Oil 3 Podcast Series: Volatile Trajectories

Members of the Petrocultures Research Group recently gathered to form After Oil 3 (AOS 3), a new After Oil project dedicated to experimenting with ways of creating and sharing scholarly knowledge about finding our way beyond fossil fuels and the climate crisis.

One of the outcomes of this first meeting is a six-episode podcast series called Volatile Trajectories. The series is now available on YouTube, Energy Humanities, and as part of the Environmental Humanities Month 2022 Program.

AOS 3 is a joint project of the Petrocultures Research Group and Transitions in Energy, Culture, and Society, with funding from Future Energy Systems and the Canada First Research Fund.

Organizers: Mark Simpson, Scott Stoneman, Imre Szeman, and Caleb Wellum.

Contributors: Stacey Balkan, Darin Barney, Cara Daggett, Tommy Davis, Emily Eaton, Walter Gordon, Eva-Lynn Jagoe, Robert Johnson, Graeme MacDonald, Swaralipi Nandi, Penelope Plaza, Terra Schwerin Rowe, Hiroki Shin, Allan Stoekl, Scott Stoneman, Jennifer Wenzel, Sarah Marie Wiebe, Rhys Williams, and Anna Zalik.

AOS 3 is planning to meet several times in 2023-2024, adding new collaborators and creating more exciting work. Keep an eye out for a new book and other experiments in the coming months.

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