Petrocultures Research Group

The Petrocultures Research Group produces and supports research on the social and cultural implications of oil and energy for individuals, communities, and societies around the world today. Through our global network of members, events, and initiatives, we generate new ways of thinking about energy and culture.

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The Petrocultures Research Group has been producing and supporting leading-edge energy humanities research since 2011. Head to our About page to learn more about our mission and leadership team.

Our members

Petrocultures members around the world are changing how we think about the social, cultural, and political dimensions of energy. If you are interested in joining us, head to our Members page to learn more and submit a membership application.


The Petrocultures Research Group hosts conferences, workshops, working groups, and other events throughout the year. Check out some of the exciting things we’re working on.

Petrocultures 2024: Los Angeles/Perth

The 6th biennial Petrocultures Conference will take place in two locations: Los Angeles (USA) and Perth (Australia)! The central theme for Petrocultures 2024 LA will be “Oil Cities and Post-Oil…

After Oil School 3: Next (2022-2023)

After Oil School 3: Next (AOS 3) is a two-year, iterative project designed to critically assess the present status and future prospects for energy transitions. Neither speculative…


Book, Podcasts

More Petrocultures Podcasting

Listen to Petrocultures and After Oil members talk about their recently published books, exploring solar possibilities, the end of fossil fuels, and the 1970s energy crisis. Ayesha…

Announcement, Event

Announcement: Petrocultures 2024 Biennial Conference: Los Angeles (USA) and Perth (Australia)

We are excited to announce that the 6th biennial Petrocultures Conference will take place in two locations: Los Angeles (USA) and Perth (Australia)! For more information, contact info, and the…

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